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Homophobia, human rights violations and hate speech against queer people are slowly becoming an everyday occurrence in Poland! No surprise that the situation for the LGBTIQ* community is critical. We stand in solidarity with the people in Poland and say: ENOUGH is ENOUGH! We fight for protection against hate - for everyone!
We as ENOUGH is ENOUGH! (EiE!) don't want to stand by any longer and therefore, together with Fundacja Równość, we have launched the campaign "I am not an Ideology!". The campaign aims to support the Polish LGBTIQ* community through education, donations and allyship. Because we believe: Together we are strong! Or as they say in Poland: Stop the Bullshit! (StopBzdurom!) All of us together!

What is happening in Poland?

Last Year

In July 2020, Andrzej Duda, who openly spreads his hatred towards queer people and promised to abolish the remaining rights for the LGBTIQ* community, won the presidential election.

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LGBT-FREE ZONES in Poland: stickers of a worldview.

All of a sudden they were there: LGBT-free zones in Poland. They first appeared in our newspapers, then on demonstration posters. But how exactly did they come about?

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Catholic Church

The catholic church and patriarchy, traditional politicians painting a picture of a queer threat that confuses people and the alleged fixed binary-system through "early sexualization" and "making the society gay".

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In 2020 Andrzej Duda won the presidential election by sending hate to the LGBTQ+ Community. He said that queer people are no humans but an ideology and worse than communism. He promised to ban same-sex marriage, adoption and relationships for LGBTQ+ and establish this in the Polish constitution. Poland has a big problem in the infrastructure for queer people. The smaller the city the fewer spaces for queer people. But even in big cities, there are very few. The problem lays in the fact that queer people are not seen even if they are visible. They are getting defamation, ignored and denied their identity. Terms are not taken seriously, put to the side and ignored. The catholic church and patriarchy, traditional politicians painting a picture of a queer threat that confuses people and the alleged fixed binary-system through "early sexualization" and "making the society gay".

Here you can find information about statistic of the situation of LGBTIQ+ People in Poland 

In October 2020 the polish bishops' conference claimed homosexuality is unnatural and unhealthy. They also recommended eliminating it with therapy under special circumstances. Already in Summer 2020 Andrzej Duda won the presidential election and he wants to disestablish all existing laws still protecting homosexual and LGBTIQ* people. The pride parades are getting banned and cancelled by politicians continually. Furthermore, people are being attacked at or after the Pride and sometimes the police don't even protect the people from Nazi-groups. We can not ignore what is happening! Rights for LGBTIQ* people have to be protected and not get disestablished!

Here you can find information about the history of the LGBTIQ*-movement in Poland and the situation of lesbians

The president of Poland called LGBTIQ* people an Ideology in 2020. How can a person's individuality be an ideology? The meaning of ideology is a system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy. The general politics and discussions in Poland are making trans* and non-binary people invisible through claiming they don't exist. They are making defamation, ignore trans* people and denying their existence.

Here you can find information about the situation of trans* and non-binary people in Poland and Personal Stories of non-binary and trans* people who live or lived in Poland

Allyship is needed by everyone. Everyone has to listen to the persons concerned, but also people outside of the LGBTQ+-Community have to give space to these people and supporting the fight to decrease the political pressure. But for an Allyship, you have to know from with position you are speaking. "When you speak out don't forget what social position [and privileges] you speaking from."


Here you can find information about what people can do to help, links to organisations and points of contact in Poland

Support the cause

Anti-queer, anti-abortion and anti-divorce advertisement campaigns are dominating Polish streets rights now. Let’s make a move and gain the streets back by funding a billboard!

For every 300 euros raised, we can put up a billboard.

In order to create awareness for the situation of queer people in Poland that is constantly worsening, ENOUGH is ENOUGH! and Fundacja Równość teamed up to start this crowdfunding.
"We want to give people who would like to show their solidarity an opportunity to do that. Visibility in the streets is the most important thing”
- Miko Czerwinski, Fundacja Równość
It is possible to put up billboards in different cities. Ideally, these should be displayed during Pride in the respective city.
This Crowdfunder will run throughout our campaign. Every time 300 euros are raised, we can put up a billboard.
Thank you for your support! Fund a billboard in a Polish city! Help to raise awareness for the situation of LGBTIQ* people in Poland.

So far this is the amount you have contributed to the cause. Thank you very much!


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