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Statistics on discrimination on LGBTIQ+ People in Poland

A recent billboard campaign is covering some statistics about teenagers who are part of the LGBTIQ* Community. It shows that 75% of teenagers, who came out to their mother and 88% who came out to their father, are not accepted by them. If you know about the impact parents' acceptance has on children, it is no wonder that 70% of teenagers have thoughts of suicide.


Around 2/3 of LGBTIQ* people in Poland experienced at least one violent event motivated by prejudice in their lifetime. 92% of them did not report discriminatory incidents because they don't trust the authorities and don't believe the services would take appropriate actions. It makes statistics of violence against LGBTIQ* people in Poland underestimated.


2019 a survey was done by, which is an independent news website specialized in investigative journalism and fact-checking. The survey showed a division within the Polish society. 41% of Poles claimed that LGBTIQ* people flaunt their sexual orientation. Also, the actions to gain more rights for the LGBTIQ* community were judged by 36% as meant to offend Poles' religious feelings. 27% of respondents agreed that the LGBTIQ* community could be a threat to family values.


In a survey from 2019 presented by Eurobarometer, strong division within Polish society was confirmed. It showed that 45% of Poles would like the introduction of same-sex marriages in their country. 50% were against the marriages of same-sex couples. 5% had no opinion. The numbers of Germany from the same survey were respectively: 84% for, 12% against, 4% had no position. The late sexual revolution is taking place in Poland right now as the country remained isolated when the same processes occurred in the western world back in the 60ties.

The report from 2020 presented by Ilga Europe - an international association for the rights of LGBTIQ* people - placed Poland only on the last spot in the European Union and on the 42nd place from all 49 surveyed countries. The report illustrates the rights of LGBTIQ* people in European countries. Poland got the result of 16%.


In the individual categories, Poland ranked on equality and non-discrimination 37 out of 46 with 16.24% of the rights LGBTIQ* should have based on human rights. Position 43 of 43 and 38 out of 38 with 0.00% Poland has in the categories of family and hate crimes and hate speech. In legal gender recognition and bodily integrity, they are ranked 27 out of 42 with 27.25%. With 49.88% on civil society space, they got the position 43 out of 49. A big surprise was that Poland ranked 13 out of 35 in the right to asylum for LGBTIQ* people with 33.43%.