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Kacper Potępski

is a transgender activist active on social media (IG: ka.per, TikTok: lewackitrans) and locally in the Federacja Znaki Równości. He is also a member of the drag-performative collective - House of Katharsis, as well as appearing in the KPH [Campaign against homophobia] and Zalando campaigns. He was the organizer and co-organizer of two crowdfunders to buy binders for transgender and non-binary people with thoracic dysphoria.

He would like everyone to understand that the saying" the hardest to love is those who need it most " is really about ourselves.

Edmund Krempiński

Is generation Z more liberal when it comes to their worldviews in Poland? Is bisexuality a spectrum that can change over time? Read our interview with Edmund Krempiński (@blueandkxnky) - an art student from Kraków to get to know more on these topics.