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“Terror doesn’t change people from gay to straight. It just hurts innocent people.”

DaShanne Stokes

What is Conversion Therapy?

Conversion Therapy is a dangerous and discredited practice aimed at changing an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Conversion Therapists use a variety of mentally, emotionally and physically painful stimuli to force victims associate shame and trauma with their LGBTQ identities.

Does Conversion Therapy work?

No. Conversion Therapy is falsely based on the theory that being LGBTQ is a mental illness that should be cured.

Is Conversion Therapy harmful?

Yes. The long term risks of conversion therapy include depression, anxiety, self-hatred, self-destructive behavior and suicide. Conversion Therapy perpetuates the shame and stigma in so many LGBTQ young people around the world.

Take a stand against Conversion Therapy!

The form of therapy known as reparative or reorientation therapy in the medical community is currently banned in the European Union only in Malta and in some regions of Spain. The German government rejected the ban in March 2017. However, the German Medical Association as well as the 117th German Medical Association, as well as a large number of physicians and experts, have been condemning this form of therapy for years.

We call on the responsible Federal Minister of Health, Jens Spahn (CDU) and the responsible Federal Minister for Law and Consumer Protection, Katharina Barley (SPD) and every member of parliament and every member of the German Bundestag to take action against this form of psychological and mental assault to use the so-called “Homo-healing”!

In a tolerant, progressive country like Germany, this practice should neither be exercised nor allowed. Together we can put an end to this!