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Building for Equality

Help queer youth in Poland! With hate and discrimination increasing rapidly the queer youth needs a safe space to find support and gain strengh. We are calling for donations to restore the building of a new community centre in the polish city Gorzów Wielkopolski, only 140 kilometers from Berlin.

Report it!

A large proportion of the crimes committed because of homophobia, biophobia, trans*- and inter*phobia are not reported. The number of unreported cases is over 90%. We would like to give you a short guide on what you can do if you are affected by a homophobic, biophobic, trans*- or inter*phobic crime or if you witness one.


On the occasion of the International Day Against Homo-, Bi-, Inter- and Trans*phobia (IDAHOBIT*) 2020 we held a vigil at Berlin Alexanderplatz. We were there with a 45-metre long carpet of flags, consisting of all the flags of the countries that currently criminalise homosexuality.


With our allies we launched the campaign against Conversion Therapy, also called "homo healing". It is an inhumane form of “therapy" in which homosexuals are to be "made heterosexual". In the middle of Germany, self-proclaimed "homo healers" are trying to "convert" young LGBT*. It's time to put and end to this.


Hate and violence against LGBTIQ* people in Poland is escalating. Many cities in Poland have already declared themselves as "LGBT* Free Zones". This is against human rights! On the 7th of March 2020 we gathered in front of the Polish Institute in Berlin to demonstrate against this hate.


We are firmly opposed to any form of discrimination and incitement. The dignity of the human being is inviolable.




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The team of the initiative ENOUGH is ENOUGH! OPEN YOUR MOUTH! works 100% on a voluntary basis, receives no funding from the state and is supported exclusively by donations and help from private individuals or assistance from retailers or companies.

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We can all do something. Tell your friends about us. Educate the people around you. Help us end homophobia and transphobia. In your town, city or workplace. At school, at university or in your family.


The initiative ENOUGH is ENOUGH! OPEN YOUR MOUTH! sees itself as an action network and newsfeed of current news about all topics of the LGBTI* community and supports them worldwide.