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Links to Organisations and points of contact in Poland

Stowarzyszenie Teczowka, The Iris Association

The association supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* people, and all non-heteronormative individuals by providing psychological and legal assistance. They organize meeting groups and other integration events.

They deal with social education and counteracting discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity by organizing workshops, lectures, meetings, and publishing educational materials.

Trans-Fuzja, Foundation for Trans People*

Trans-fuzja is a non-profit organization that provides legal and psychological help for transgender people in Poland, founded in 2008.

Its activities include comprehensive gender and sex education, organizing anti-transphobia initiatives to stand for trans* people's rights. Increasing the visibility and representation of trans* and bisexual people is the main goal of the foundation. But also to promote a tolerant attitude, breaking stereotypes, and abolishing the law which discriminates against those people.

Fabryka Równości, Equality Factory

Fabryka Równości has three main activities: support groups for LGBTIQ people*, support groups for trans people*, and organize meetings for volunteers. They run a support group for parents of LGBTIQ people* and provides free legal and psychological advice in Łódź.

They organize Łódź Equality Marches, debates on social issues, cultural meetings, film screenings, and academic lectures. They also run a radio program - Radio Fabryka on the air of Student Radio Żak of the Łódź University of Technology.

Fundacja Wiara i Tecza, Faith and Rainbow Foundation

The foundation works for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, non-binary, and intersex Christians, advocating full acceptance of LGBTIQ* people in Christian Churches and society. Every two weeks, they have group meetings for Christian LGBTIQ people*.

Wiara i Tecza opposes any form of discrimination against LGBTIQ* people, particularly religiously motivated discrimination, and all forms of the so-called reparative therapy. They want to create an environment where Polish LGBTIQ* Christians are accepted – their sexuality included – and where they can nurture their faith and spiritual lives. They strive to teach Christian Churches to recognize the value of marriages and other relationships of LGBTIQ* people, including rainbow families with children. They believe, by changing the attitudes within the Church, they work to increase the wellbeing of the entire LGBTIQ* society.

Sistrum Association, Lesbian Culture Space

Sistrum is a lesbian safe space.

The aim of the Association's activities is: to produce, animate, disseminate, and archive lesbian culture. Sistrum is a safe space for broadly understood lesbian culture, guided by the following values: contribution, reflection, responsibility, and courage.

My, Rodzice; We, the Parents Association

An Association that unites and supports parents of LGBTIQ* children.

The aim is mutual support in institutional issues their children might have, for example, bullying at school. Also, they share stories of coming outs of their children. The main idea is that the family is the most important environment for people, and this is where their value and self-esteem comes from. They are active in many cities - Łodź, Warszawa, Elbląd, Bialystok, Włocławek, Krakow.

Grupa Mlodziezowa Tolerado, The Tolerado Youth Group

The Youth Group was created for young LGBTIQ people* (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Queer, Intergender, Asexual and Pansexual people). They have created a place where you can meet, talk, complain or just be.

They are a not-official discussion group for Youths. They organize several events and online discussions, and meetings with experts.

Kampania Przeciw Homofobii, Campaign Against Homophobia

Kampania Przeciw Homofobii is a non-governmental organization for polish gay rights. Founded in 2001, it is one of the oldest and biggest organizations for LGBTIQ* rights in Poland. They aim to promote legal and social equality for people outside the hetero norm.

KPH undertakes activities in numerous fields to establish a tolerant society in which gay, lesbian, trans* people and other minorities feel comfortable. Some actions are workshops, meetings with politicians/academics, political lobbying. They are providing legal and psychological counselling at the internet portal They publish LGBTIQ* rights quarterly with the Replika and leaflets on various subjects. They are active in international human rights law and practice monitoring them and cooperate with similar organizations from other countries and international bodies.

Stowarzyszenie Miłość Nie Wyklucza (MNW), Love does not exclude

A non-governmental organization that is working to introduce marital equality for same-sex couples and build the LGBTIQ* community in Poland. They are educating and informing of marital equality.

MNW were the first Polish LGBTIQ* organization to advocate full marital equality for same-sex couples. They are building the Polish LGBTIQ* community through informing, networking, exchanging knowledge and experiences as well as mutual support of organizations and people from the community, monitoring and political lobbying for the implementation of the strategic goal of the association - the introduction in Poland of full marital equality for same-sex couples.

Grupa Stonewall, Stonewall Group

The Stonewall Group is an LGBTIQ* organization working in the Greater Poland region. Their work includes education, support, culture, and integration.

The Association unites people who unanimously support postulates of equality of same-sex couples and fight violence and discrimination. Also, it actively indulges in a range of initiatives that help to fight for human rights. They also run an educational channel on Polish youtube covering topics on queer sex and other stuff.

Bears of Poland

The association implements health and educational projects for bears (gay men) and the ever-growing group of its supporters. The Bears of Poland association is an organization associating people who have not been represented in the Polish LGBTIQ* community so far.

Members and supporters of the association meet several times a year for national meetings, which are aimed at integration, meeting new people and maintaining current acquaintances. Educational and preventive campaigns are conducted about health and knowledge about important issues

Stowarzyszenie Stan Równości, Association

Association and discussion group that fights for LGBTIQ* people rights. Based in Bydgoszcz

Queerowy Maj, Queer May

Queerowy Maj is an organization set up for Equality march purpose, an annual event in Krakow. Queerowy Maj is an organizer of the main demonstration and all the initiatives and marketing related to that event.

Equality March in Kraków (Tolerance March before 2010) is an annual demonstration in Kraków, Poland, in the form of a street march of people opposed to homophobia and discrimination against sexual minorities in Poland.