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Anti-queer, anti-abortion and anti-divorce advertisement campaigns are dominating Polish streets rights now. Let’s make a move and gain the streets back by funding a billboard!

For every 300 euros raised, we can put up a billboard.

In order to create awareness for the situation of queer people in Poland that is constantly worsening, ENOUGH is ENOUGH! and Fundacja Równość teamed up to start this crowdfunding. We are supported by our Campaign Ambassadors who have agreed to collect donations. They have their own donation box in the donation form, so you are free to donate to our billboards there as well.
"We want to give people who would like to show their solidarity an opportunity to do that. Visibility in the streets is the most important thing”
- Miko Czerwinski, Fundacja Równość
It is possible to put up billboards in different cities. Ideally, these should be displayed during Pride in the respective city.
This Crowdfunder will run throughout our campaign. Every time 300 euros are raised, we can put up a billboard. For this purpose we will also hang posters in officially approved places. The billboards as well as the posters will proclaim the respective city a LGBT* FREEDOM ZONE.
Thank you for your support! Fund a billboard in a Polish city! Help to raise awareness for the situation of LGBTIQ* people in Poland.

This is the amount you have contributed to the cause. Thank you very much!